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Frustrated that you're not getting the traffic that you want on your website? There are two types of internet marketing, organic and paid. We help you navigate through each scenario and make choices that help your business grow. Below are a few things we provide. Please message me with any questions you might have. We can create custom packages for almost every type of business.

SEO friendly content to drive traffic
• Targeted content posted weekly on the company blog and other blogging sites
• Your content will be well researched and indexed with Google for organic search

PPC / Ad platforms (i.e. Google Adwords, etc.)
• Research and development of custom ads that will forward traffic
• Working with Google to place compliant ads that do not violate their TOS
• Managing other content and ad platforms to increase exposure and sales. We work with other ad platforms to augment your search engine traffic.
• We will provide monthly reports showing traffic analysis from ads.

Getting started

We'll need to have a discovery call to understand your goals. We'll discuss what is needed on our end at that time.