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As a web developer, I've added this package for clients that don't already have hosting, but if you do and would like someone to help you manage your website or web-based application, please contact me directly for a better idea of what I can do for your business.

This package includes 1 dedicated server with the following features:

  • Dedicated IP, 1GB of RAM, 30 GB of Disk Space, 2 TB of Data Transfer, 1 Core Processor

An upgraded option is to purchase this package multiple times (via Qty). The following are details of higher packages.

  • Qty 2 - 2GB of RAM, 40 GB of Disk Space, 3 TB of Data Transfer, 2 Core Processors
  • Qty 3 - 4GB of RAM, 60 GB of Disk Space, 4 TB of Data Transfer, 2 Core Processors
  • Qty 4 - 8GB of RAM, 80 GB of Disk Space, 5 TB of Data Transfer, 4 Core Processors

Getting started

We'll need more details about your domain name and how your website is set up.