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For projects involving a web server or where none is provided. I can provide excellent hosting for applications that I create and/or manage. I do not sell web hosting as its own product. This is an add-on for web and app development. Email is not supported in this package. I can offer a few great options for email hosting.

For a purchase of 1, your web server will have:

Dedicated IP
1GB of RAM
30 GB of Disk Space
2 TB of Data Transfer
1 Core Processor

An upgraded option is to purchase this package multiple times (via Qty). The following are details of higher packages.

Qty 2 - 2GB of RAM, 40 GB of Disk Space, 3 TB of Data Transfer, 2 Core Processors
Qty 3 - 4GB of RAM, 60 GB of Disk Space, 4 TB of Data Transfer, 2 Core Processors
Qty 4 - 8GB of RAM, 80 GB of Disk Space, 5 TB of Data Transfer, 4 Core Processors

Please message me with any questions. Again, I don't sell web hosting, I offer it as an add-on for current clients. Thank You!

Getting started

If you have a domain name already, I will need a login to your domain registrar to connect to your web server. You may do this yourself if you are so comfortable.
If you have NO domain name, we'll need to register one prior to setting up your web server. I can help with this once the package is ordered.
As long as you're a current client with an active project, I don't need anything else to get started.